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We Inspire through the elaborate work we do with our partners & clients by helping them Grow into the high profiled individuals and brands they are. By the daily and careful Nurture catered to each of them; we work together to Innovate and Thrive in an ever-changing ecosystem. Together we are better and we Empower each other, give the best in us and make the desired impact.

In six words this is IGNITE.
We are a Marketing & PR consultancy boutique that offers brands and individuals out of the box solutions, to help them reach ultimate results and position themselves in the right communities. Based in the Middle Eastern; we pride ourselves in the difference we are making in this challenging market by turning obstacles into triumphs.
IGNITE has helped over 30 clients reshape their businesses and become Top of Mind, giving them full exposure to the MENA region and to international markets.
If you’re looking to start a business on a tight budget, or if you’re striving to put your company on the GCC map; you’ve come to the right address.

About us - Ignite
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Sylvie Kastoun - Ignite

About the Founder

Driven by her passion to work closely with people and tell their stories, Sylvie Kastoun founded IGNITE – a Marketing & PR Consultancy Boutique – to connect, refer and bring together international business leaders and people from different nationalities, fields and expertise. Put in her own words “I have always dreamed big and believed that if I work hard enough, not only will I achieve my dreams, but help others reach their highest potential.”

As the founder of IGNITE, Sylvie is a community builder who represents a number of top executives in MENA, GCC, and globally. She curates relevant and actionable opportunities to entrepreneurs and business leaders by paving the way for the largest events, conferences, workshops, webinars, interviews and roundtables. With a wide network of the biggest media and events players, she provides her clients with opportunities and platforms to properly position themselves among their relevant communities in their respective fields, and under the spotlight they deserve.

With 12 years of experience in Public Relations & Marketing, Sylvie is mostly passionate about supporting women. She initiated and developed strategic alliances and partnerships with major women associations, groups and councils such as Sharjah Ladies Club, Zabeel Ladies Club, Mompreneurs, CEO Clubs UAE, Women in Network, Potential, Meera Kaul Foundation and other groups and companies in Lebanon and the GCC countries. She has developed bespoke networking events with women entrepreneurs and executives, and organized conferences & awards for regional women.

She is currently the Managing Director of Women Spark, a female angel network based in Saudi Arabia working with female investors to invest in early-stage startups.

Sylvie believes that forming partnerships and having an open communication channel with stakeholders is at the core of any successful and durable business.  Alongside Ignite, she also consults on media and partnerships with Arabnet, a leading program organizer focused on tech business and innovation in the MENA. Sylvie has nonetheless worked extensively in publishing, where she honed her skills by managing numerous regional business magazines and was a prominent founding member of Executive Women magazine.

She is a highly motivated and curious individual and the people who have worked with her on various projects have described her as result-driven and knowledgeable with a good network foundation. She has adeep understanding of PR and marketing and focuses on building long-lasting relationships and partnerships. She is diligent and detail-oriented and has excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Sylvie’s specialties include business development, global branding for brands and professionals, public relations & marketing consultancy, publishing, high-growth male and female entrepreneurs, angel networks, media & digital media and content creation, community building and partnerships.


“Whatever you do, go the extra mile, do it better every time and be different”- Sylvie Kastoun.