Overcoming Limiting Beliefs!

Believe it… or not!   Every year thousands of people across the globe attend courses and buy books on goal setting, goal getting and personal achievement.  Their goals are often the same ones they made last year such as going to the gym more often, watching less television, to eat healthy food and meditate every […]

The 6 Secrets of a Happy Family Vacation

“The greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories, enough happiness to fill their hearts and more love than they can spend in a lifetime”. Vacation is a chance to take a break from work, explore the world and enjoy time with family. But what makes a family vacation successful? Find out the […]

Stress and Your Lifestyle

Life should be exciting and pleasurable.  How many times have you said that to yourself?  Perhaps as you have waited in a traffic jam or opened all those bills and invoices for last month’s purchases!   However, for life to be enjoyable we all need to be able to manage the challenges that we face.  […]

Messaging in the Digital Age

Let’s work under the assumption that you’ve done your branding exercises. You’ve got an identity, you’ve settled for your values, identified your brand muscles, broken down your brand DNA to the smallest denominator, and established what type of personality you want your brand to convey. So, in other words, you’ve got your story. But how […]

Understanding Your Worth!

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Are you a fish in the sea swimming with the flow? A bird in the sky aiming high? A lion in the jungle spotting your target? A camel shipping in the desert? We ask ourselves questions daily such as who we were, who we became, and what we dreamt and dared to achieve, wondering if […]

Key to Successful Living

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Have you ever wondered how come some people make it through life or business while others don’t? Do you really think that some hold the secrets to success where others are still searching for it? Would you say that it is a matter of pure luck only or are there other key components that play […]

Is Something Calling You?

When I turned 40, I plucked up the courage to do something I had never done before. I auditioned for a play. I had never taken an acting class or auditioned for anything (other than cheerleading in High School that was a fail). Yet, deep down, I knew that if I didn’t at least give […]

Building a Powerful Personal Brand Online

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Similar to marketing a product, a necessity in today’s world is marketing yourself. A brand is all about creating trust in the eyes of your audience. In your case, the audience could be your employer or future client. Either way, keeping yourself relevant, unique and important will ensure employability and workplace success.   The great […]