A Conference hosted by the Good Shepherd Sisters Celebrating Every Woman’s Right!

A conference hosted by the Good Shepherd Sisters celebrating every woman’s right to transform her life and bring happiness into her family

The Good Shepherd Sisters hosted a conference on 22 March 2018 at Sin el Fil municipality in the presence of many public personalities.


It celebrated every woman’s right to transform her life and bring happiness into her family. GSS believes in the rights of every woman to raise her children into happy and successful adults and to use her inner power to change and adapt to any situation.

The event’s beneficiaries’ audience consisted of predominantly disadvantaged Lebanese women and some Iraqi and Syrian refugees women from different confessions who live in Jdeideh and have fled the war with their families.


The Good Shepherd Sisters invited 2 very renowned coaches: John Kairouz and Linda Chaccour to address some of the main issues these women face and offer practical tools & solutions.

John Kairouz, is a training & performance coach specializing in cognitive and neuropsychology who has consulted, trained and coached over 200 companies over 3 continents. He has researched & explored the intrinsic power of women and served to support them in bringing out their multiple skills leading to further success in their lives.


He highlighted the reasons why everyone should embrace change and what inhibitions keep us from changing in 5 simple steps


Linda Chaccour, is a life strategist and happiness coach and the founder of Emerge Coaching and Livehappy project in UAE and in Lebanon who has an extensive experience in coaching and training talked about teaching children the art of happiness.


She shared the most important 8 practices any mom needs to cultivate and support their children.


About the Good Shepherd Sisters


The Good Shepherd Sisters are an international apostolic congregation and NGO active in Lebanon since 1893. In 73 countries, they take care of abused children, women and refugees. From healthcare to education to championing women’s rights, they have achieved a great deal over the past 125 years in Lebanon and Syria.

The GSS serve more than 30,000 beneficiaries who come from vulnerable backgrounds, 3000 refugees displaced by the Iraqi and Syrian wars, and offer shelters for 220 women, 800 children and 300 families at Ain Saade and Shaile.

They provide affordable quality education for 250 students who come from the community of Hammana and its neighborhood.


The GSS mission is to support, protect and educate victims of failing socio-economic situations, injustice and broken families, and to confront the abuse of women & girls without discrimination of religion, race or gender.


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